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Every WOSO fan, In fact every fan of soccer in general should go watch this mini documentary on women’s football in brazil. As the world cup approaches, women see themselves used as sexual objects to promote the mens game and when they want to actually play, they are teased, ostracized and sometimes even threatened. For those men who have ridiculed the women’s game or fed into sexist stereotypes in football, listen, learn, do better. Fighting Brazil’s Sexist Football Culture. 




I think my favorite part of it is, is that he said, “There can be no national security without border security and Texans have paid too high a price for the federal government’s failure to secure our border.”

First of all, great job Mr. Perry, you’re militarizing a border for protection against unaccompanied minors??? Like wow, yes such a threat these children who are running away from poverty and gang violence are. Here’s your fucking gold star. 

Secondly I like how people screaming about immigration now are like, “This is the worst its ever been! Too many immigrants, blah blah blah I’m an ignorant asshole!”

Because first of all proportionally this is not the largest immigration to the United States, its not even close, its actually quite small to the immigration from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. 

And then he just sticks his foot in his mouth more by saying, “The action I’m ordering today will tackle this crisis head-on by multiplying our efforts to combat the cartel activity, human traffickers and individual criminals who threaten the safety of people across Texas and America.” 

Like no, you’re literally just threatening children with military force because they live in deplorable conditions. Like news flash Perry, unless your entire family is decedent from Native American tribes, your entire family were once upon a time immigrants so get over yourself. 

Plus the fact of the matter is, is that deploying the Texas national guard costs the Texan government about 12 million dollars a month. A fucking month. You know what you could do with that fucking money Mr. Perry? You could use it to give these children hot meals, clothes that fit them, hygiene supplies that they need, shoes, blankets, pillows, beds, helping to get them places into homes, but instead you’re deploying troops to combat the threat of minors? Shame on you. 

Secondly, its okay to spend 12 million dollars a month to combat the threat of unaccompanied minors, but you wouldn’t help support President Obama’s plea for 3.7billion dollars that would do, essentially what you wanted because he also talked about border security, but he also asked for more immigration judges and to fund medical services, but of course its your goddamned mission to block the president at every turn you can.

People bitch about how President Obama hasn’t accomplished anything in the years since he’s been elected but its because the republicans of the senate and the republican controlled house have actually straight out said that it was their mission to block him at every chance they had. So really, whose fault is that? 

This makes me so angry, like fucking hell use the 12 million dollars for something worthwhile like childhood literacy, health care, or environmental protection, something that is actually going to do some good and not make you look like the asshole you are. 

rick perry is so out of touch it’s frightening. (there’s an episode of rachel maddow from july 10th detailing every single time this guy proved himself to be a joke during the republican nominations in 2012 i’d definitely recommend it 10/10 because it sounds fucking horrifying listed back to back + ties into why he’s sending troops [hint: it’s because he’s fucking ridiculous])

the crisis at the border is literally just moms and children going up to border patrol and TURNING THEMSELVES IN

how the fuck are troops supposed to help this situation? are they going to just stand there so that the moms/children can find them easier with larger numbers? how does rick perry see this situation ending? 

repubs have spent the last 6 freaking years not only trying to stall any and every action and legislation that might be useful to the country, but consistently sabotaging the government. rick perry’s attempts at trying to look tough are costing the country more time and more money, majority speaker boner’s asinine lawsuit is fucking beyond me in terms of comprehension but i’m fucking sure it’s more time and more money down the drain

if americans elect a republican majority again i’m going to go and cry



I have been interviewing women who work in Fantasy Illustration about their lives, art and careers. It’s a goldmine of knowledge and advice both for working artists and also for aspiring illustrators and artists.

There are currently 17 different interviews, so get reading and enjoy!

You can find all of the interviews here:

More good stuff to read from Kiri Leonard, and of course the interviewees.

Marissa Alexander denied 'stand your ground' hearing



Marissa Alexander has been denied a new Stand Your Ground hearing. Yet again, Florida refuses to free this survivor of domestic violence, fails to support women’s right to self defense, and continues to support anti-black racism in the judicial system. Her new trial is still scheduled to begin Dec 8th.

Marissa needs your voices and support more than ever!
Standing Our Ground Week of Action is still on!
July 25-Aug 1: LET’S TAKE ACTION!


"Snowpiercer" Should Have Been The Breakout Blockbuster Of The Summer

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