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sitwell week: day four: alternate universe.

The sign outside the door reads: “Are you disappointed in current affairs? Were you attacked by a cyborg or thrown out of a car, also by a cyborg? Have you suddenly realized that the fall of SHIELD means no longer having health insurance? Now are you greatly regretting the fact that you dropped out of culinary school or passed up law school to become a spy? Were you forced to spending the last of your savings to buy a terrible cramped commercial space and cater to pretentious college students in a last ditch attempt to pay for your medical bills? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is the coffee shop for you.”

Otherwise known as, Jasper Sitwell and Felix Blake open up a coffee shop after the fall of SHIELD, in order to make enough money to pay off their obscenely expensive health bills. There’s really good pastries, and pancakes, and black cofffee, and snarky baristas, and everything is wonderful. 



[Comic panel: Pepper Potts eating a sandwich and sitting back in a chair; a life model decoy of Tony Stark is kneeling at her feet in a maid costume and giving her a pedicure. Pepper: “uh… …I can explain?”]


Seriously though. Pepper’s use of the life model decoy will never not be awesome. 

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look, even if May has ulterior motives to want to be Skye’s S.O. (which we don’t know, it’s only the actress’ opinion; but it would make sense, and I called it long ago, that May is still somehow on the clock with her mission for Fury, even if only in spirit, and I think it would be interesting if it were true, character-wise) the idea that GW was a better S.O. to Skye is hilarious and super disgusting.

the only reason GW became Skye’s S.O. was to get into her head and manipulate her, because she was a threat to Centipede and HYDRA (remember how GW wanted to “cross [Skye] off” in the very first episode of the show, yeah). He constantly manipulated her emotionally and he worked for the people who shot her and almost killed her - and continued to do so until the last moment, despite his protestation of how affected he was by her getting shot, he was very happy to work along the man who pulled the trigger.

so yeah, May having ulterior motives to keep an eye on Skye because she’s worried about her wellbeing (and Coulson’s) it’s the same as GW having ulterior motives for keeping an eye on Skye because he is a secret Nazi working towards the destruction of the team and all Skye believes in.

GW had never any real interest in Skye becoming a good agent (she might know how to defend herself from him!) and we have evidence of that in canon. At first he says Skye lacks focus but in “TRACKS” he whines to May about Skye being focused and Coulson having her on a warpath (trying to mine information from May, for sure). When Skye reasonable expresses her desire to work harder and learn to protect herself after she got shot GW shoots her down (and piles blame on Mike for not protecting her, ugh) even though Skye insists. From the season 2 promos it seems like Skye has learned more from May in a couple of months than she ever did from GW in all their time together. Just like GW was hiding his real strength in combat from the rest of the team, in case he needed to cross them off (nobody talks about this, but it’s obvious, look at fake!GW fight and then look at real!GW in his fight with May in the finale and tell me he wasn’t hiding his real strength) I’m pretty sure he wasn’t teaching Skye all he could. And that makes sense because Skye was an enemy of Garrett and HYDRA, and before GW began to develop his gross “feelings” for her that’s all she was. And then afterwards those “feelings” just made all GW’s misogynistic overprotective bullshit come to the surface to bye bye training lessons, why would she need them.

so no, GW was a shitty S.O. through and through.

at the end of the day GW was a NeoNazi and a murderer who tried to kill everybody Skye cared for, who kidnapped her and terrorized her, who threatened to rape her and wanted to take her to be experimented on in god knows what awful manner.

there’s no one under this sun who could have been a worse S.O. to Skye than GW ever was. And Skye herself said so in “Nothing Personal”, in her proxy conversation about Garrett:

Think about all that time he spent as your S.O. — Getting to know you, being your mentor. Only to lie to your face, betray you like that.

Skye has already told us that no one could betray her like the backstabbing traitor she wishes would rot in hell.

And Skye wasn’t okay with May’s mission but she eventually understood her intentions were good, and was okay with it enough to ask May for help, bond with her in “Ragtag” and subtly ask her to take her under her wing. Do you think Skye can’t tell the difference between a Nazi traitor manipulating her for his own interests and someone who is trying to look out for her even if her methods are not something Skye would approve of?

Apparently people think that. And they can’t tell the difference. No, they can tell the difference between a murdering villain lying to everybody about everything to further the interests of a NeoNazi genocidal organization and one of our heroes making somewhat questionable decisions because she though that was the only way to protect the people she cares for. Except yes, they do see a difference, they think GW is the more innocent one here. What the actual fuck.

May is a complicated, flawed character in a team full of complicated, flawed characters - i am very okay with the possibility that canon will keep exploring the areas where May and I as a viewer don’t see eye to eye, instead of dropping the ball on the reasons why she did what she did in the first place.

but May is a heroine who will walk the right path, who unlike GW has shown genuine concern for Skye as her own person, and who judging by the promo material, has helped Skye achieve the goals Skye has strived for during season 1, unlike Mister You Don’t Get To Protect Yourself I Must Protect You There’s No Need For You To Train Hard over there in the HYDRA corner.

so fuck off with your baseless May (and Skye) hate.

Stop villifying Melinda May.

Stop making something that is about May and Skye and their relationship (and which could be potentially very interesting for their interactions) all about GW once more. Stop pretending Skye doesn’t exist except when you need her vagina to be a tool for redemption. May and Skye’s relationship is not about GW. Not everything in the show is.


The premise of minimum wage, when it was introduced, was that a single wage earner should be able to own a home and support a family.  That was what it was based on; a full time job, any job, should be able to accomplish this.

The fact people scoff at this idea if presented nowadays, as though the people that ring up your groceries or hand you your burgers don’t deserve the luxury of a home and a family, is disgusting.



#THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY #like #STEVE #oh my god #please allow yourself to say five extra words #natasha’s trying so hard to give you an opening #but you’re so damn determined not to bleed on anyone #you would rather bleed to death inside #god #walking wounded steve rogers (x)

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Anonymous asked:

The reason Steve's making this so personal is because he actually valued Tony's friendship and IS HURT and thinks it was all a lie. HIS FEAR is Tony laughing at him!







you’re like the reason why I have nightmares at night did you know that

And then when it all blows over, nobody is going to apologize to Tony for not realizing he was under mind control or whatever it is, Tony will have to grovel for forgiveness, and Cap is never given any grief for anything because he’s morally perfect. And then they rebuild and the cycle starts again because no one ever learns anything

Oops sorry, broke the angst chain by being bitter about shitty writing

Unless Tony dies in true Greek tragedy fashion at the end of Hickman’s run.

Two ways it could go:

1) Everyone accepts he’s always been a monster while few grieve(Pepper,Rhodey) and Steve tries to pretend to be alright.

2) They find out it wasn’t Tony’s fault and few feel guilty for a while and Steve fails to pretend to be alright.


I feel like it would almost HAVE to be heroic tho. Iron Man isn’t inherently supposed to be anti-hero, so however he dies has to absolve him of his crimes/show his true intention of protecting everyone or something. I don’t think Marvel would want to disrupt 616 status quo so long that Iron Man would still be considered a villain for however long it would take for Tony to magically revive himself. Then I again I could be completely wrong since Marvel 616 likes scapegoating him so much ugh like how many people were actually sad after he DELETED HIS BRAIN to save the superhero community

I just really, really want to see Steve cry.


but oh my god this is why we should never talk about superhero comics in a context where they are meant to move forward and develop as characters cause all we gonna get is sadness and rehashing of old mistakes and patterns and tears over whAT COULD HAVE BEEN /crawls into the fandom and surrounds myself in denial

ok ok melissa i know you brought up a point about steve doubting his friendship with tony and fearing that all of its a lie and oh mygod throw me into the sun that would be less painful literally steve and tony’s relationship was built on trust which is like, the crucial foundation for any relationship platonic romantic whatever. And we have issues of tony introducing steve into the 21st century and so many instances of tony being worried for steve rogers not captain america (too busy/lazy to find the examples) it’s kind of…ironic? almost that the one who looks up to cap the most to the point of hero-worship (which is indeed unhealthy to have in a relationship) also happens to worry the most about the man behind the mask (and yet also constantly challenges and argues with him and basically isnt afraid to butt heads with THE american icon and legend).

And i think that’s the best/worst part about 616!stevetony, two guys who have massive egos (yes steve rogers’s ego is on par with tony stark’s arrogance which he makes up for in his self-righteousness) that they are able to stand on equal grounds but at the same time put each other on such high pedestals and standards that are almost…subconscious??? and they keep letting each other down bc of that (tony w/his images of steve as incorruptible/pristine and having to keep steve that way, while steve thinks of tony as such a good man that he thinks tony will be able to operate on his standards of what’s morally right) 

actually unless im now incorporating fics into canon i think there’s instances where tony does call out steve on his whole “holding ppl up to his impossible standards”? but then that would also play into the whole 616 tony’s self-loathing and how he can never be as good as steve rogers who is perfect even when he is wrong and can be a stubborn ass and holy shit this is getting too long

anyways this is why im so sad cause its gotten to the point where marvel is using tonys manpain as a cash cow and minopoke i feel ur bitterness like jfc these are two guys who are so incredibly wrapped up in each other and yet wont fucking talk to each other honestly theY CANT CAUSE DRAMA SELLS MORE ISSUES HAHAHAHA AFHFUCUJ

and the way steve goes batshit at tony’s “betrayal”….. son….. you dont start hunting down ppl with a vengeance like that… unless they’re ur exes or something……………. and uGH everything about this situation’s lead up to the point where we’re wishing tony would DIE a heroic death to prove that he’s been a hero all along and for steve to finally maybe feel bad about it and maybe admit he was a bit of an asshole idk its not like we’ll see steve facing any consequences cause he cant do wrong in comics no the most we can hope for is that he cries everYTHING ABOUT THIS JUST MAKES ME BITTER AND SAD AND THIS IS WHY FANDOM EXISTS for all the characters to have their comeuppance and face consequences and grow from their mistakes and maybe kiss a little


"Racism and Science Fiction"
by Samuel R. Delany

From NYRSF Issue 120, August 1998. “Racism in SF” first appeared in volume form
in Darkmatter, edited by Sheree R. Thomas, Warner Books: New York, 2000.
Posted by Permission of Samuel R. Delany. Copyright © 1998 by Samuel R. Delany
For better or for worse, I am often spoken of as the first African-American science fiction writer. But I wear that originary label as uneasily as any writer has worn the label of science fiction itself. Among the ranks of what is often referred to as proto-science fiction, there are a number of black writers. M. P. Shiel, whose Purple Cloud and Lord of the Sea are still read, was a Creole with some African ancestry. Black leader Martin Delany (1812–1885—alas, no relation) wrote his single and highly imaginative novel, still to be found on the shelves of Barnes & Noble today, Blake, or The Huts of America (1857), about an imagined successful slave revolt in Cuba and the American South—which is about as close to an sf-style alternate history novel as you can get. Other black writers whose work certainly borders on science fiction include Sutton E. Griggs and his novel Imperio Imperium (1899) in which an African-American secret society conspires to found a separate black state by taking over Texas, and Edward Johnson, who, following Bellamy’s example in Looking Backward (1888), wrote Light Ahead for the Negro (1904), telling of a black man transported into a socialist United States in the far future. I believe I first heard Harlan Ellison make the point that we know of dozens upon dozens of early pulp writers only as names: They conducted their careers entirely by mail—in a field and during an era when pen-names were the rule rather than the exception. Among the “Remmington C. Scotts” and the “Frank P. Joneses” who litter the contents pages of the early pulps, we simply have no way of knowing if one, three, or seven or them—or even many more—were not blacks, Hispanics, women, native Americans, Asians, or whatever. Writing is like that.

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